My Impressions on Noelander’s 2015

Nice report Robert

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Sorry about the delay in compiling this post on Noelander’s 2015 but I am still recovering from, what was for us, a very exhausting though highly stimulating 5 day adventure, which included a 1350 mile round trip by road and sea.

I thought last years event in Heusden- Zolder was terrific but the new venue at the Limburghal Genk has raised the show to a whole new level of excellence. The increased space in the exhibition and traders halls ensured that at no time, did it feel overcrowded. The issues that were given for the banning of photography last year seem to have been resolved by the increased area. Having said that, despite the ban, there were many people taking pictures inside the exhibition and quite a number of them have already appeared  on the Internet. As an averagely obsessed hobbyist and small scale blogger, who feels obliged to uphold the rules for…

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3 comments on “My Impressions on Noelander’s 2015

  1. Thank you Tony,for this link.Very well done,and respecting the rules.We are grateful for that. Not everyone did,and we ( the BAB) do not have enough “police man” to have the rule respected.Somme people,probably very respected bonsai lovers could not even resist the temptation to make pictures in the private studio.Maybe we must just allow everyone to take pictures everywhere at any time,or maybe… not allow anyone to take pictures at al.I really don’t know for the moment. Do people not have any respect anymore.I probably am getting a little bit to old for this mentality Some complain about the delay at the fotoshoot.Do they really think one can realize these quality pictures in five minutes.Willy our photographer started on Thursday,some bonsai arrived on Friday evening late.We do not complain about this,we are happy they are there. I would be happy that the foto of my bonsai should be as good as possible,and…that takes time. Maybe next time we must have 6 studios to satisfy everyone( lol) Anyway,it was a good show. Good night Tony,don’t worry,we don’t


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    Op 19-feb.-2015 om 20:33 heeft Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle het volgende geschreven:

    > >


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