Creating a cascade pine rock planting


Planting a pine tree in the cascade style is not an easy task, selecting stone that has both the weight and interest is important. The stone was collected by my wonderful friend in Bonsai Terry Foster. It is Devonian schist and very old indeed. It is extremely hard and not easy to drill or cut.

The video and the photos covers most of the ‘how to’, placing the Keto is important so that the soil mixture stays in position and does not wash away when watering.

Bonsai Europa 2017 Promo video

Bonsai Europa is the largest exhibition of Bonsai from across Europa to be staged in the UK. Over 150 World Class Bonsai from over 12 countries will be on display to the public, live demonstrations and lectures a free hands-on children’s workshops including a tree to take home and a huge bonsai Market Place. There is also a Bonsai Clinic for visitors to get advice and help. Visit the event website

2017 91st Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition­– Part 1

Great post from my buddy Bill

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The 91st Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition is being held on February 4-8, 2017 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition is being held in two parts in order to display more trees. On February 9th, all two hundred plus trees will be replaced by another two hundred plus more masterpiece bonsai. Part 2 of the exhibition will be held on February 10-13, the same time as the Nippon Suiseki Exhibition, also in the same building on the fourth floor.


Observations on Part 1:

There are new backgrounds in the main gallery where most of the larger size bonsai are displayed. The old backgrounds are beige, smooth and shinny and are still being used in the other three galleries. The new ones are white with a slight texture like burlap and a bit reflective. Well, the entire room is bright white and quite…

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The Best Deciduous Bonsai: Noelanders Trophy 2017

Saturday 4th February 2017 will be forever etched in my memory as the day I was lost for words. I was presented with an award that I simply thought would always be beyond reach ‘The Best Deciduous Bonsai at the Noelanders Trophy’

The tree was one that I had worked for 26 years, a Hawthorn in the raft style that I collected from the hillside way back in 1991. I had worked the tree as best I could, styling, feeding, watering, treating it when it was not thriving, repotting 6 times, I created every branch on the tree, this was a tree that had grown with me. In all the years the tree had received many awards and now it had won what must be the ultimate accolade from the most prestigious bonsai show outside of Japan.

Prior to showing the three I announced on social media that the tree was to be shown at The Noelanders Trophy 2017 and that it was available for sale. This caused consternation among many of my friends. I decide that it was time to sell as I had taken the tree as far as I could, it was as close to perfection as I could make it and it was time for another person to take on the responsibility of this beautiful tree. Any money raised would go help a family member with their future. The tree sold on Sunday morning after it had won the award. I also have a lot of trees that are coming into maturity that will fill the space in my private collection.