Should I repot this Myrtle? Please vote NOW

I would like some feedback on whether I should repot this Myrtle into a shallower pot, or leave it in the one its in?

5 comments on “Should I repot this Myrtle? Please vote NOW

  1. imho the shallow pot does not consider the base of the tree, but is in relation to the major trunc diameter. The actual pot would not be my first choice on shape and clour, but I feel the tree better with more mass at its feet


  2. In my humble opinion, I think it looks better in B (and voted for B). But in the new pot, the canopy of the main trunk may benefit from being lightened up a bit, to match the elegance of the thinner pot. If it had just a little more branch definition, rather than just a solid mass of green, it may look even better. But then again, I’ve never worked on one of these, so I’m not too familiar with their branching and growth behavior.


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