What are your influences?

Its fascinating understanding people different approaches to the creation of their bonsai, I have often heard at exhibitions “I have never seen a ‘tree like that in nature”. My reply is “you need to get out more!” Every day I get to walk in nature, I have amazing trees that I can see and understand their growth patterns. When it comes to bonsai what kick started my fascination, sure it was the movie Karate Kid but I think it is deeper than that. I grew up in the early 1970’s and loved Prog Rock… Yes, Greenslade, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis and Jethro Tull and the artworks on their albums, BUT the stand out artist for me was Roger Dean. For sure Dean made an impact on my approach to the way I create my trees and the way I display. Here are a few of his artworks. check out Roger Deans website HERE

Roger Dean has just launched his virtual gallery check it out here

4 comments on “What are your influences?

  1. Oh man! I almost cannot believe that someone else was influenced by the artwork of Roger Dean! As a teenager in the 70s I owned all of the group YES’ albums and Roger Dean’s artwork on the album covers was almost as big a draw and the music in them.
    Years later I would obtain books about Dean’s artwork and like you, I found that his trees were really evocative.
    The tree (pine?) floating in the sky with the wispy clouds behind was used as a screensaver for my computer for a long time.
    Brilliant post, thanks!


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