Clothéd all in green …

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Deciduous all the way for me

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There was a post on Swindon and District Bonsai’s site this morning showcasing the evergreen trees on display at Shohin UK yesterday and, while these were undoubtedly superb  (the word “sublime” was used in relation to at least one of them in my hearing yesterday), I have to admit it has got me thinking. Yes, I know – that’s a rare and unusual phenomenon and may have something to do with this week’s eclipse. But rattling around inside my generally empty cranium is the question of what will it take for a deciduous tree to win a major award at a show?  I am of course excluding those shows such as Swindon Winter Image that have separate categories for Best Coniferous and Best Deciduous.

Now can I say straight out that this is not a criticism – bonsai exhibitions are meritocracies (or at least they should be) so it should always

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Spectacular Sierra junipers

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Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby

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Among my favorite trees in nature is this Sierra juniper.


 Spectacular Sierra juniper

The tree sits on a throne facing East where it enjoys limited protection from the wind. It gives evidence to a protracted and tortuous existence. How big is it?


Standing on the rock behind the tree for perspective

Pretty big. The deadwood is terrifying.


Deadwood detail

Possibly because I take so much enjoyment from being in the mountains, let alone being near such trees, this was the first visit on which I was able to step back a bit and appreciate how these junipers survive in such an environment. Some of what I noticed surprised me. Although the most sinuous specimens occasionally cascaded down the granite, they more frequently grew upwards, supported by the boulders from which their roots sprang.


Juniper creeping up the rock

In addition to providing a solid anchor for the roots, the boulders provide support…

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2015 89th Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition– Part 1

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Thanks Bill

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The 89th Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition is being held in two parts this year in order to display more bonsai in an area which is slightly smaller than in previous years. Part 1, February 5-8, 2015 and Part 2, February 10-13 2015.
On February 9th all 181 bonsai displays will be switched in Part 1. Although there are 181 displays, there are perhaps 250 individual bonsai displayed as there are generally six trees in each shohin bonsai display and two or three trees in the medium exhibits. There are only five shohin bonsai exhibits in Part 1. There are six bonsai displayed by foreigners including three Americans. More on those and the shohin bonsai displays later.
Needle juniper, Juniperus rigida
Japanese flowering quince, Chaenomeles speciosa
Japanese five-needle pine, Pinus parviflora
Sinuous style, all root connected
Part 1 of the exhibition is excellent, lots of good trees. Even for me, a bit of…

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Rusty Bonsai Tools and Tiger Stripes

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Love this from Adam… now… I hope Carolyn does not miss the vinegar

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Do you guys remember the tool from this post?IMG_0869
Well, I got some advice as to how to get rid of the rust on it from a reddit reader (/u/TotaLibertarian) using an uncommon (and when I say that I mean totally common) substance.
It is suffice to say that my curiosity was piqued.
I did some investerating and research.
I combed over blogs and forums.
I wiki’d and googled until my eyes were crossed.

Then I experimented. First I sanded all the rust….

…. Both off the knife and also on a pair of root cutters.

Knife above, cutters below.

The rust on the cutters wasn’t too bad, it just kept coming back no matter how much I oiled it.

Next, the chemical….

After making a salad (with a little oil, salt and pepper) I put the two tools into a…

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My Impressions on Noelander’s 2015

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Nice report Robert

Originally posted on Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai:

Sorry about the delay in compiling this post on Noelander’s 2015 but I am still recovering from, what was for us, a very exhausting though highly stimulating 5 day adventure, which included a 1350 mile round trip by road and sea.

I thought last years event in Heusden- Zolder was terrific but the new venue at the Limburghal Genk has raised the show to a whole new level of excellence. The increased space in the exhibition and traders halls ensured that at no time, did it feel overcrowded. The issues that were given for the banning of photography last year seem to have been resolved by the increased area. Having said that, despite the ban, there were many people taking pictures inside the exhibition and quite a number of them have already appeared  on the Internet. As an averagely obsessed hobbyist and small scale blogger, who feels obliged to uphold the rules for…

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Desperate to take your tree home?

Sometimes when you really want something so bad you go to extreme lengths. My German friends who bought the large (over 1.2mtr) Pistachio from me at The Noelanders Trophy 2015 simply had to take it away with them… Frank (The new owner) said, …“I want it but I am not sure it will fit in my car?” “I am sure it will” I said until I saw that he was driving Mazda MX5 Cabriolet. It fitted but only just and they had to drive 200 Kilometers home, not sure if they had the top down though!

Tea house Kusamono virtual

Kusamono Bronze Teahouse

This is the Kusamono that I will be presenting at the Swindon Bonsai Show this weekend, just hope it does not set the smoke alarm off!

The overall size is 300 x 220 mm

The Bronze teahouse by Henk Fresen is an incense burner.

The plate is by Walsall Ceramics and the moss is care of my local wild wood.

2015 2nd Japan Suiseki Exhibition

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stones!… gotta go some time

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The 2nd Japan Suiseki Exhibition was held on February 9-13, 2015 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Park, Tokyo. This is the same venue as the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition held in a second floor gallery.
The timing of this exhibition was excellent with the opening day being held on the day all the bonsai are changed at the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition. It offered visitors an excellent opportunity to see beautiful suiseki without the competition of bonsai.
Kunio Kobayashi
At the Opening Ceremony, Managing Director Seiji Morimae introduced all distinguished visitors from Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan. Representative Director Kunio Kobayashi spoke and welcomed everyone to this important and highest level suiseki exhibition in Japan. Seiji Morimae and Kunio Kobayashi were the primary organizers of the exhibition and oversaw all details.
There were individual suiseki exhibits as well as alcove displays. Additionally historic stones, display tables, water basins and bronze…

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