The Yew I gave to my Sensei Dan Barton

Way back in 1992 over 20 years ago I bought this yew tree off Gordon Duffet, it cost me the two weeks wages and Kevin Willson said I was a brave guy to take on this tree as it did not look very well at all. The tree was positively sick; the needles were yellowing and much of the deadwood rotten. The box was an old beer bottle crate that was held together with a rotting strap… the whole assembly ready to fall apart at any moment. The tree appeared to be planted in garden soil, BUT I could see potential in the tree.

This is a tree much admired by Dan Barton and… at an Event that I held in 2006… I gave the tree on permanent loan to Dan, to be returned to me at some (indeterminate) point in the future. Good trees take time, great trees take years…Here is how the tree looks today.

2 comments on “The Yew I gave to my Sensei Dan Barton

  1. Luckily you could see the potential. Not sure the permanent loan was a good idea for such a stunning tree, but at least Dan takes responsibility for the care and welfare, passing with flying colours, but what else would you expect! Excellent photographs showing off the beautiful red bark, lush dark green needle like foliage and of course the handsome pot.

    I have never owned a yew but there seems to be so much potential with that species. Did you repot straight away and what well draining mix did you use or would you recommend.


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