6 comments on “How to remove an Air Layer Video

  1. Hi Tony, I’m a big fan. Awesome video 🙂 I have three hawthorn airlayers on a hedge that I made this spring. I can see roots through the plastic but not many. And as with your prunus the foliage is weaker on the airlayers than the rest of the tree. My question is, should I remove them now and hope for the best, or can I keep them in there one more season? (will the roots Make it in the cold).

    If I keep them on, when can I remove them next season?

    Here’s pictures of the roots: https://imgur.com/gallery/vhy9z

    Thank you for all your videos and your work. Great inspiration! (I was very sorry to hear that you won’t be coming to Sweden next year for our annual bonsai society meeting)


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  3. Hi Tony love the air layer video talking Hawthorne do you have any Hawthorne similar to the one you sent meMany thanksJon 

    Sent from Samsung tablet.


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